Digital Marketing in Nepal

As the world is completely in the technological era, undoubtedly the way of doing things has moved on to a digital platform. Keeping up with this trend, Nepal is also shifting its way towards a more digital approach in everyday life. Being said that, digital marketing is gaining major traction among businesses in the present-day scenario. As the internet is taking major hold of the people and business in Nepal, the popularity of digital market is just soaring. Now, digital marketing in Nepal has been a part of business to increase productivity on online.

Some 5 years ago there used to be only a few of the companies that specialized in the field of digital marketing but now the industry is just booming with staggering numbers of digital marketing firms. The consumer demand for the services are also at an all level high.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is also one of them marketing strategy which aims to reach the expected costumers through various digital technologies mostly making the use of internet. In other words, Digital marketing is defined as the use of means like internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Some of the common practices in the digital market today include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and so on. With the rise of this form of marketing the use of digital marketing tools is also getting diversified as new approaches are being applied for more effectiveness.

Simply put, Digital marketing actually is all about making use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to extend your reach to the consumers.

Why is digital marketing so relevant in today’s world?

The sole purpose of digital marketing is to bridge the gap between the seller and the costumer. So, if you are a provider of any kind of product or services, you would always like to have the information on where your costumers are and reach as much of them as possible. The people of today spend most of their time in the internet platform. Making use of this lucrative platform, digital marketing eases the flow of product and services within the market benefiting both the costumers as well as the marketers. Through this approach businesses are able to reach a huge number of people in one go, which makes this form of marketing even more viable in the world of today.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

The word digitization itself means that every phenomenon happens on electronic devices, which of course makes for a better reliability of the quality and state of data being recorded. The campaigns and their benefits can always be analyzed and accessed in real time. This makes digital marketing more effective and efficient.

Moreover, you can also change strategies based on the comparison of previous one with the ones used in the present. Performance evaluations also come in handy to precisely analyze and work on the strategy changes that are required to reach a more effective approach. Digital Marketing is also beneficial when it concerns the regular visitors and consumers and keeping their track. The benefits also include garnering the details on the costumers and their preference. Digital marketing often is interactive and engages the targeted audience quite well. This makes the customer retention ration even higher.

Digital Marketing Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The procedure of search engine optimization is followed in order to rank the desired website higher in search engine result pages. SEO is carried out in order to gain organic traffic that has long term benefits for the particular website. The organic visits to the website play an integral part in the long-term growth, development and popularity of the page. SEO is generally applied to the content of the website in particular.

Some of the major instances of on page SEO include Meta title and description, heading tags, content and keywords, page speed, image optimization and internet linking. On the other hand, off page SEO encompasses tools like link building, outreach, social media engagement, social bookmarking, forum submission, article submission and press release.

SEO is a really beneficial digital marketing tool as it aids websites to gain major boost in the traffic department.

Social Media Marketing

With the intention of increasing audience, traffic, brand awareness, leads and sales for your business, the highly effective tool, Social Media Marketing is drawn out. With the immense popularity of social media platforms over the years, the importance of social media marketing for businesses is only witnessing an upwards curve.

The people of today engage themselves in the social media sites quite often. Making use of such sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, the businesses tap into the pool of potential that the screens of the consumer hold. Its outreach to consumers is numbered in millions which makes social media marketing an inseparable part of digital marketing.

Content Marketing

A long-term marketing strategy, content marketing, is an approach taken forth by providing quality, relevant content in a continuous basis with the aim of provide the traffic with a clear path uphill. Content marketing’s major focal point always is the solving of problems.

For instance, Nike adds its tagline of “just do it” with a variety of commercials, advertisements and brand events. The variety and frequency of their content, provides major help for the brand to get across their message into consumer’s consciousness which is undoubtedly in the betterment of any business for that matter. Likewise, Jockey with their “Jockey or nothing” and KFC with their “It’s finger licking good.” do apply the same approach of content marketing.

Some of the forms of content marketing strategy are blogs, videos, infographics, social media posts, ebooks, ad banners and so on.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an online advertising platform which allows publishers to let the world in on the variety of contents including text, video, infographics, questionnaire and a varied interactive media ad integrated under published content that include blogs, website, channels and personal business platforms present on Google network. Google gets paid for a content to be shown as an advertisement in the high traffic generating contents.

Google AdWords

Another one of the platforms of Google Advertisement is Google AdWords. In this strategy, an advertiser pays Google to display their content for advertisement in the search result pages. The advertisement seekers must pay Google on the basis of Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or PPC (Pay Per Click).

Affiliate Marketing

When you promote products and services for others through your personal channels like websites, social media, advertisements and more, to earn some commission is known as affiliate marketing. Mostly YouTube channels and bloggers make specific use of this marketing tool to popularize different type of costumer goods and services. These types of marketing are in the rise in today’s world.

Email Marketing

Email marketing although is a very old strategy it is considered to be the most effective. There have been multiple successful attempts into this type of marketing. With the majority of the people finding themselves in the constant need to use the email, the strategy has a high effectiveness rate and the trend will surely not see downfall any time soon. However, the fears over spamming costumer’s inbox still prevail among the marketers as the advertisements may fall into deaf ears.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phone has an integral role to play in the lives of human being’s existent today. With that being said, advantage is extracted out of this human inclination towards cell phones when advertisements for various products and services are provided on an individual basis. Ncell’s constant update about its product and services can be taken as a major example of this strategy.

Is Digital marketing costly?

The major goal of digital market is to increase the traffic that occurs in a website, page or any published content. With that in consideration, the onetime cost for the traffic generation can be high. Yet as long term strategies are applied, they draw organic visitors which is beneficial for the business in the long run. Yes, the cost at the beginning may intimidate some but the farsighted benefits of digital marketing sure outweighs the initial cost.

Digital Marketing in the Context of Nepal

Digital market is a rather new area of business in the Nepalese context. With the staggering boom of internet in Nepal, the business of Digital marketing gained new perspective in the business world. High number of businesses conducting providing their services in the market are prevalent. Given the mushrooming business houses the competition is fierce but as always quality service is always appreciated.

We here are Genesis Web Technology focus on providing the best of services to our costumers incorporating the major mantra of our company innovation, execution and evolution.