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Simply web promotion, internet marketing, online marketing and SEO has the same meaning in the field of web promotion where your website is optimized for getting better ranks and higher traffic through the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking for promoting your business website online? You are at the right place. Genesis Web Technology is the professional web company for web promotion and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Nepal. We have an experienced and hard-working team of seo experts and digital marketing specialists.

At Genesis Web Technology, everything we do is part of our effort to innovate, implement and evolve.


SEO, for many, would just mean getting your page on Google.  But  for us, it is  more  than that. For  us,  it is  about innovation. It is  about finding  new innovative ways to get your website going. We do it through novel ideas that our competitors cannot  replicate.


We make technology to work for  you by  using  techniques  such as PPC, link building, social media marketing (SMO),  local listing,  directory submission, SEO  copy writing and e-mail marketing. We  also help your  website gain visibility  it deserves.


As the digital marketing  space changes,  so do we. We are  always on the lookout  to help our customers  apply new tools and ideas to get the   most out  of their  website.

Are you still in dilemma? Do you want to talk about the details? Let’s meet for coffee and talk about your ideas.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for travel and trekking companies?

Nowadays, a trend of digital marketing is increasing day by day. Most of the travel and trekking companies client come from search engines typing the keywords of their interest. So, focusing on the SEO and optimizing the website as per seo standard is essential today.

We (Genesis Web Technology) team are dedicated and experienced in designing, development and promoting tour and trekking website since long time ago. We have spend a lot time on research and implementation of the latest technology and tools on website design and development of the tourism industry. So, we say, we are one of the best Travel, Hotel, Tour and Trekking website design and development company.

Our SEO Portfolios

#1 Nepal Footprint Holiday

#2 Heian Treks and Expedition

#3 Windhorse Tours

#4 Himalayan Ascent

# 5 Himalaya Reisen

#6 Yoga Reisen

#7 Nepal Tour Guide Team

#8 Leisure Holiday Tours

SEO Service in Nepal

SEO Service in Nepal
SEO Process

Initial Website Analysis

A good strategy need to be applied for the successful business. For that, we need to analyse your business website.

Keyword Research and Analysis

After the website analysis and getting a report, first of the seo work will be keyword research. During keyword research, we will analyse which keywords to be targeted and make a complete report.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the most important factor of seo and we will analyze your competitor strategy.

Website and Sitemap

After keyword analysis, we should focus on website optimization. Sitemap submission is to be made after all the website optimization.

Search Engine + Directory Submission

Search engine and directory submission helps to rank your website. Backlinking is the main factor to rank a website in search engines.

Social Bookmarking

Saving and Recommending your social pages will help get you quick exposure and followers. This will help you to get a target audience.

Blogs, Article and Press Release

Regular blog and article posting helps your website getting regular visitors. This shows your activeness on online and search engine will rank your website manually.

Link Popularity

We contact similar websites and request a link exchange that will benefit both businesses in efforts to get real backlinks.

SERP Report

We will provide you a regular update and progress of your website by seo report.

Why choose a best Seo company in Nepal?

Each and every website tends to face a number of challenges which are likely to hinder the development of the website.

As a result of the challenges each website ought to develop the best SEO strategy in order to maintain and efficient flow of content and give positive results. Hence it is of the essence that a website is structured in a manner that customers and are able to search and find you easily but not your competitors. It is with this background in mind that the SEO Company in Nepal has devised ways to provide great services for you and customers to fulfill your needs.

SEO company in Nepal shall be able to generate the best SEO system that can suit your company`s objectives. SEO expert in Nepal offer the best services to companies and give you the convenience and comfort that you might need as a company. Best SEO Company in Nepal have the following in store for you.

#1. Search Engine Optimization for higher ranking.

SEO experts in Nepal work with power to offer the best services for your company. They also ensure that the service are provided in real time,hence you do not have to worry about the challenges you are facing as a company.

#2. Full client satisfaction.

All clients are accorded first priority when it comes to ideas that help build the company. SEO experts in Nepal are there for clients all the time to serve their needs and come up with exclusive results.

#3. A Top rank on major search engines.

They enable a well-structured platform that is there to ensure a great development on the business at hand. This is strategically done by ensuring that the website is ranked at the top of major search engines organically.

#4. Increasing traffic to your website.

They get to understand the basic principles of the business and ensure that there is enough traffic on the website. This will help to improve the business and bring more customers to the website hence uplifting the business.

#5. Content writing.

They ensure that there is appealing content on the website that can be read and understood by customers. All types of content you need for your video, website or blog are covered.

#6. Social media marketing (SMM)

This enables promoting the sale of goods in the company. This comes with many merits that include:

Enhances brand awareness.

This enables great sale of goods sine people shall be able to understand the kind of product you are selling and their significance.

Brand promotion.

Availing great strategies for promotion of products,hence, highly applicable. Creating your own brand community.

#7. Web design development

SEO agency in Nepal create the most appealing designs on the website that is likely to draw attention of clients. Regardless of the size they are there to serve you 24/7 and provide the best design to suit your needs.

SEO Company in Nepal provides the best service to give an efficient flow of content in the website. This will enable great improvement in the company and provide better results. providing room for making the right social team to support your products and provide great sale.

SEO Expert in Nepal

SEO helps to business or brand to grow online. While you are planning to market your business in online, you must need assistance of anyone who can do marketing of your business products or services well in search engines, social media and other many online platforms from where you can generate the targeted visitors and convert to clients.

With the regular seo practices, seo experts or digital marketing specialists make ensure that your website will appear to the search engine result pages. They will do all the procedures that are required to make your brand well-known in online. See, seo services section above of this article for details.

During the seo process, a seo expert executes the on-page and off-page seo methods, build strategies for brand promotion. He/she will also research the latest search engine updates like google updates and algorithms to prevent the client website from listing on blacklist.

You may get dilemma in searching seo experts or digital marketing specialists who one is best? There are many seo experts who are providing seo services. Choose the best seo expert or hire a seo specialist from a company for your business web promotion.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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A truly dedicated and professional web company established by a highly experienced team! Congratulations and best wishes to this team!

A great web company you can fully trust on! Prakash Aryal
Hike Himalaya Adventure

Excellent, working with Genesis Web Technology is great. Thanks to the knowledge and determination of our website [Apex the Asia Holidays] looks great and functions really good. I recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to give them a call and speak to Laxman, he will guide you in the right direction.

Excellent, working with Genesis Web Technology is great Ramesh Khanal
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