SEO in Nepal

The world has rapidly shifted towards a more online way of doing things – Digital Marketing. Being said that, there are a lot of websites and online resources we use on a daily basis. With the huge plethora of content present in the market of today, particular search engines help us navigate through the varied content. To stand out in such search engines, SEO comes into play. Get details about Seo in Nepal herewith.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to ensure the increase of the website traffic and its quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a web site or a web page to the visitors who make use of the search engine platforms. In other words, SEO is the strategy used in order to obtain free, organic, editorial or natural high status on the most popular search engines.

Al the search engine giants such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Hotmail showcase the primary search result when you go about searching a particular topic. The listings include results such as web pages and other varied content like videos, photos, maps and so on. The search engine chooses their primary listings of result based on the  level of relevancy to the users.

Following the common global trait of digitization, Nepal is also moving towards a major internet revolution. With that being said, there is merely any competitive business who have their own website or online presence. It is a given that there is a massive competition going on between online contents to shine above the massive competition. This is exactly where the SEO strategy comes into play, providing an edge to the contents online to win on the search engine result listing. SEO in Nepal has undoubtedly grown to become one of the most popular and relevant form of online marketing tool in the present day context.

What is SEO and how does it work?

For a small scale business which has just taken the first step of going online by creating its first website, SEO might be quite a intimidating step to go through with. Although this seems to be the case with many businesses SEO is quite a simple, effective and cost efficient tool which can uplift the business and website visits quite well.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization is the process through which your website is optimized in order to garner organic and unpaid online traffic from the search engine results page. To put it differently, SEO makes some modifications in the content and design aspect of your website so that it could seem more attractive while search engines skim through it.

Despite the fact that many seem to be intimidated by the complexity of the procedures of SEO and the things that affect website ranking, the basics are not hard to understand at all. Search Engines aim to provide their customers with the best of services and the lists of results that are presented upon a particular search is not based on the high quality but rather on the relevancy to the one who is searching. The search engines scans, crawls and goes through different website in an attempt to better understand what the site is actually about. Through the search of particular sets of keywords and topics the search engine delivers particularly relevant results. As a matter of fact, readability and navigation is also kept into major consideration by the engines providing the sites that excel in this area a higher ranking in the results. That is why SEO focuses on the making your site more user friendly.

To ensure the high ranking in the search engines, organizations tend to make use of SEO for relevant keywords and phrases. For example, if your website has a article about how to bake a cake, you need to optimize the particular content in such a way that it will show up on the top result of the search engine when anyone searches for the phrase “bake a cake”.

What is the purpose and benefits of SEO?

SEO’s main purpose is to generate a wide organic viewership through proper optimization of available content. The strategies that search engines use to rank a website are kept in mind and utilized to increase the ranking in the search engines in order to increase the visitors to the particular content or website in general.

Also, SEO is immensely beneficial to your business. One of the most significant ones being the outreach to a huge pool of untapped costumers who are just lurking about in the search engines. SEO ensures such potential customers are reached and properly engaged through proper means. More targeted unpaid viewership would be at your disposal just by keeping your focus on creating more engaging and effective SEO-focused content.

Types of SEO

Now that we know about the working of SEO, we must also learn that there are a variety of factors that can hugely affect the effectiveness of your SEO. On page and off page factors are the most evident ones which are discussed below.

Content Marketing

Before we dive right into the prospects of on and off page SEO factors lets first discuss the most important aspect of them all, content. Content is without a doubt the most significant when it comes to the effectiveness of SEO. The quality is always determined by the quality and quantity of variety of content present in the website. It is the path through which search engines are attracted and the once the visitors come through, the means to keep them engaged and make valuable connection with them.

Your website would be highly rated by the search engines if you host the most quality content pieces that are relevant to the consumers. Engaging and effective content is a major plus for your business as well because it keeps the audience indulged in your content spending the quality time which them want to visit again.

The major focus should be kept on diversity of well-written and relevant topics that cater the needs of your audience. Blog posts and articles, social media content, E-books, Videos and audio recordings, info-graphics or other visual content are some of the aspects to keep your focus on in order to improve your content offering.

In addition, major focus also needs to be drawn towards the aspect of SEO keywords and phrases while creating content. When you incorporate such relevant and frequently searched keywords and phrases into your content they provide you with major edge on the search engine platforms increasing your overall ranking in the search results. Moreover, the maintaining the freshness of your content can also majorly impact the ranking in the search engines. Freshness refers to how frequently your website posts contents. The updates and addition of new information can also add to the freshness of your content.

Despite the time consuming and hectic nature of content creation, the end result pays off quite well.

SEO in Nepal – On Page Methods

On Page SEO focuses on optimization of the elements present in your own website. We enjoy total control over this aspect of SEO and can improve the factors over the years by putting our best foot forth when it comes to SEO.  These aspects of SEO roots in the site’s HTML and thus goes beyond the content marketing.

 Below are few on page SEO tools:

  • Title Tag: The major function of the title tag is to aid the search engines to navigate what a particular page is about. This should comprise of less than 70 characters including the keyword and business name.
  • Meta Description: Meta description of your website lets the search engine in on the information on what each page is about. It is also used by viewers to better understand the page and if it is relevant or not. It comprises of keywords and details for the viewers on the particular subject.
  • Sub Headings: It is a given that sub headings phenomenally increases the readability of your text but it also serves a better purpose by uplifting your SEO. The use of H1, H2 and H3 helps the search engine better understand the subject matter of a content.
  • Internal Links: Making use of the internal links or hyperlinks to other content of your site, the search engine gets a chance to elaborately get to know the website.
  • Image name and ALT tags: If you make use of images in your content or your website, the inclusion of image name and ALT tabs must be taken into consideration. Doing this will aid search engines to align your image with proper indexing while viewers image search for the particular phrase.

Additionally, site architecture must also be kept on a high priority as it plays a vital role while determining your search engine ranking. Using a architecture which allows for a smooth and breezy scan or crawl by the search engines can majorly boost ranking among the results. Furthermore, these days mobile based visitors are on quite a rise so it is important to analyze if your website is mobile friendly or not.  This affects viewer experience as well as the SEO.

SEO in Nepal – Off Page Methods

While on -page SEO is completely under your grasp and can change the status of a website overtime, off page SEO can drastically improve your ranking quite quickly and effectively. However, the grasp of control over these factors of SEO is completely out of your hands.

Below are the off-page SEO factors that may have an impact on your search engine ranking.

  • Trust: In the world of today trust is a major commodity as it directly correlates with a site’s Google ranking. Google focuses majorly on consumer satisfaction and a legitimate site that is trustworthy to visitors of course earns a higher ranking in the search engine. One of the best ways to ensure the trust levels among the viewership is to build backlinks from sites that have a high standard, value and authority.
  • Links: Backlinks are very important for building off-page SEO. Nurturing relationships with influencers and fans that create quality product is crucial for SEO as their content may link to yours and add value as a result.
  • Social: Social currencies such as like and shares hold a major determination when it comes to ranking. The more the quality, the more the shares and likes.

There are a lot of factors that comes into play when it concerns SEO ranking but if you are able to create engaging and valuable content there is always space for growth. In fact, this is the only sustainable and truly organic manner of garnering visitors. SEO does take quite a while to work its magic but once it does new prospects for the particular website just opens up.

SEO in the context of Nepal

There is a growing scope and use of SEO tools in Nepal as the internet and its use is becoming more mainstream among the people. With the blossoming websites and online businesses, SEO in Nepal has grown to become a rather common term. There are a huge plethora of business houses which specialize on the SEO issues of these websites are booming in businesses.

If you require the one firm which will cater each and every one of your SEO needs, definitely do contact us here at Genesis Web Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SEO in digital/online marketing?

SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results and to rise up in the variety of results SEO comes into play.

What is the purpose of SEO?

SEO is used to bring in new potential customers through different search engines.

How does SEO work?

SEO is the process of modifying or optimizing your website in an attempt to garner organic and unpaid traffic through the search result listings of search engines. The search engine, in the process to understand a particular website, scan and crawl through its content and lists accordingly. Through SEO this procedure of scanning and crawling is utilized to obtain an edge over the different results that appear on a search engine.

Is SEO effective?

Yes, it definitely is. Yet, it is a gradual process and you need to wait for a while before the real results starts showing.

Why is SEO so expensive?

This is a common misconception. SEO’s price can vary depending on your current status of the website. If basic levels of tools are already in place it is rather cheap. However, if you have a new website in which SEO in Nepal must be used from the scratch the cost is obviously high. Also, the cost can also rise if you desire to establish a brand and presence online.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

but it is sure a gradual process. Being said that, once you commence on the SEO campaign, the results will appear and grow over time. As a matter of fact, the result you see at 6 months is way less than what you get at month 12. Contact Genesis Web Technology for seo projects.