Teej Festival in Nepal

What is Teej?

Teej in Nepal is the largest festival celebrated by Nepali Hindu womens. The festival has a great significance in the Nepalese culture and tradition that has been carried out since long years.

Haritalika Teej festival has a great history since the ancient time when Goddess parbati wish to have her husband God Shiva. So, this festival is celebrated by Hindus all over the world for the long, prosperous and health life of their spouse.

When is Teej?

Generally, this 3-day festival falls on monsoon months sometimes in August, sometimes in September. The festival denotes the mid of monsoon season in Nepal.

In 2076, the festival is on 16th Bhadra i.e. 2nd September 2019.

How is Teej celebrated?

Teej festival in Nepal is celebrated for three days. Here we are describing each day, let’s go.

Teej Festival – First Day (Dar Khane Din)

First day of teej is also known as Teej Eve or Dar Khane Din. On this day, the female members of the family get together and prepare the dar (the feast). The feast is served till midnight. After the midnight, the 24 hours fasting starts.

Teej Festival – Second Day (Fasting Day)

The second day of Teej is fasting day. On this day, womens (Married or Un-married) stay fasting the whole day without drinking even a drop of water. On this day, they wear the beautiful dress specially red and green mix dress with the ornaments.

Womens get together in the shiva temples nearby to worship lord shiva lingum. After performing puja, they sing and dance whole day. The most popular song of the teej is “Teej ko rahar aayo bari lai…” In Kathmandu, Nepalese hindu women get together in Pashupatinath temple.

Outside the Kathmandu valley, women gather in the public places like road and open places and enjoy the festival by singing and dancing on the teej folk songs.

Teej Festival – Third Day (Rishi Panchami Puja)

The third or final day of haritalika teej is Rishi Panchami. At morning, womens bath with the red mud found the on the roots of the sacred Datiwan bush along with its leaves and brush with its branches. This is the act of purification during the teej festival. Doing this, they will be pure of their past sins.

After the holy bath, they pay homage to the seven saints (Rishis in Nepali). After the puja, they enjoy the delicious food.

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