Mata Tirtha Aunsi – Nepali Mothers day in Nepal

Mata Tirtha Aunsi

Mothers day in Nepal also known as Mata Tirtha Aunsi (मातातीर्थ औंसी) or “Aamako Mukh Herne Din” (आमाको मुख हेर्ने दिन) falls on new moon day of Baisakh (first month of Nepali calendar).

It is the day to honor and how love to one’s mother. Those who do not have mother’s go nearby ponds, pilgrimage sites for Shraddha or Pinda Daan to their departed mothers. They do the ritual at home or nearby ponds, river or holy places.

Mothers day in Nepal is a day to remember mothers and their motherhood. Actually, mothers are great and creator of the world. Mothers spend whole life caring their children and praying well for them.

People gift their mothers with the favorite food, clothes and sweets. This is the day to honor and respect the sacrifice of mothers.

People who don’t have mothers go to Mata Tirtha, a pilgrimage place situated at Chandragiri Municipality of Kathmandu valley. They take a holy dip bath, do sida daan and worship in a temple.

When is Mata Tirtha Aunsi in 2077/2020?

Mata Tirth Aunsi falls on April 21 2020.

Where is Mothers day 2077/2020 observed?

Nepali mother’s day or Amako mukh herne din is observed in Mata Tirtha, Chandragiri Municipality.

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