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How to work with an outsourcing company?

Outsourcing Services generally means giving certain tasks to an external organization at a given fee and for a defined amount of time. It is also a highly popular business practice. In reality, outsourcing for development is typically a procedure where particular tasks are given to skilled professionals to be completed faster, better, and less expensively.

This strategy’s recent surge in popularity is therefore not surprising. Not just because businesses are expanding and have more specialized demands, but also because it can be challenging to locate tech personnel for specific jobs. Economic considerations are, of course, the most typical ones used while making decisions.

What is outsourcing in business?

Nowadays, businesses may outsource the majority of their jobs and services. Of course, they frequently contract out IT services, such as programming, developing websites and applications, and providing technical support. Additionally, they are already aware that remote engineers and freelance coders work diligently to get outcomes.

And, believe it or not, because outsourcing frees up financial, human, space, and time resources, this strategy truly has a significant influence on the company’s growth, productivity, and profitability. As a result, it lowers the company’s total costs as well as labor and tax costs.

Additionally, it enables the business to concentrate its resources on its strengths and give priority to its core competencies, enhancing productivity and raising the level of competition for the business.

Outsourcing offers the following benefits, which are most typically cited:

  • Minimal cost
  • Wide access to resources
  • Internal resources management
  • Improves customer and business focus
  • Accelerate the development of the project
  • Access to expertise and their ideas
  • Reduce the marketing time

What does exactly outsourcing service mean?

When a company needs IT results and resources, it may choose to outsource some or all of those needs to an external vendor. A company that provides IT services might be a full-service provider, a consultancy firm, a company that leases IT teams or people, or a single IT expert.

This strategy lowers IT expenses, makes use of highly trained tech specialists and has a quicker time to market for goods and services. Companies that outsource their IT services may concentrate on their top goals and company expansion while leaving the IT-related responsibilities to the professionals. Without spending money on an internal IT staff, you may get the most of IT resources by partnering with an experienced and highly skilled external IT outsourcing company.

How outsourcing could benefit your business?

Companies that have made the decision to outsource their work should define their key expertise, resources, and competencies. In order to concentrate on being the greatest in their particular industry, they need also to choose which of their ancillary businesses, if any, must be outsourced.

They may become more adaptable and flexible with the aid of outsourcing, which can also help them cut costs and enhance their service levels.

And while businesses frequently see outsourcing from a standpoint of lower costs, it may offer much more than simple savings. A web outsourcing company may offer access to new capabilities as the business expands, helping to reposition the organization in the market and fostering creativity.

Therefore, when considering how white label outsourcing might assist the business, don’t only compare the possible advantages of handling work with your present team versus the prospective expenses of recruiting outside freelancers. Keep your attention on the benefits that the contractor’s knowledge may provide the company. Outsourcing can present a chance to develop and beat the competition, whether by increasing offers or by bringing goods and services to market more quickly and broadly.

How and where should your website work be outsourced?

Companies typically outsource the creation of websites for the difficulty of keeping up with all the latest trends and advancements in development and executing it more affordably than the in-house staff.

Our company, Genesis Web Technology, was established to end the huge gap between companies and end-users just because of not having a website. From our years of experience, we believe that we can create any website or online shop in accordance with a variety of styles and features, it is simple and advantageous for agencies to entrust us with the coding of websites or web shops. Throughout the world, not limited to Nepal, we provide outsourced development.

As a result of our years of experience working as a website development partner for agencies, we have had the chance to increase our efficiency, know how we can contribute to the project’s success, and forge solid ties with our partners.

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Reasons for being PHP popular among Web Developers

PHP in website design and development is one of the hot topic, and also mostly preferred and used for developing websites as this language is one of the most esteemed and well-liked server-side programming languages. This has gained popularity among website developers due to its quick turnaround times, low cost, and improved security. The top companies like Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, and others use PHP.

Top Reasons

Let’s get an idea about the reasons for being popular among web developers.


Coding with PHP is mostly like essay writing, but here, the essay part is a block of codes that tells the computer how to build and operate websites as effectively as possible. Although some developers grumble that PHP’s simplicity prevents them from developing the coding habits that would otherwise simplify (read: standardize) writing. PHP’s simplicity also makes it possible for the code to be extremely individualized.


Being an open-source language, PHP is free, simple to use, and has an enormous amount of documentation available, making it the most affordable way to build powerful websites and monopolize online real estate without worrying about contracts or paying membership fees. Additionally, PHP lowers entry barriers for novice website developers, enabling them to get started quickly by simply utilizing their coding abilities and expertise.

Excellent Performance With CMS

The most recent trend toward adaptable content has elevated CMS customization to the level of a critical competitive need for companies. The goal of adaptive content is to give each visitor to the website a unique experience by personalizing the material for them based on their sign-in information or previous visits. The website’s code must be adaptable and integrated with the CMS for this to be accomplished.

PHP renders websites amoebic, enabling their creators to change them as they like. Because Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others are largely based on PHP, all PHP websites are highly configurable and can be easily modified to match the requirements of the clients. As a result, creating or integrating a solid, bespoke CMS system with your website is easy.

Accepts Platform Diversity

The developer can smoothly connect the website across several platforms because PHP-created code can operate on all the major platforms. With the extra capability of integrating their website with MySQL and Apace, the firm can cost-effectively employ all current infrastructure, using systems as diverse as Windows, Unix, and Linux.

Powerful Flexible and Scalable

PHP is used by Facebook, the biggest and most effective social networking site. To address the growing demands of the industry giant’s content management needs, Facebook even developed a PHP derivative language called “Hack.” This demonstrates the degree of adaptability, dependability, and scalability that are incorporated into PHP. The major benefit of using PHP over other languages is that code updates may be made without having to restart the server.

Extensions and Add-Ons

One of the most flexible languages for creating websites is PHP. Since it’s an open-source language, its community of online developers is always working to create extensions to fulfill new business requirements. This makes it simple for developers and companies to create and add fresh functionality and features to their websites.


The most recent development in adaptable content has increased the relevance of flexible websites and fluid grid systems for companies. When creating extremely dynamic and responsive websites, HTML5 is without a doubt the industry standard. This is where PHP comes into play as the language that makes it simple to embed code into HTML. By incorporating their PHP code into HTML, developers may quickly transform the static website code of an existing site into a brand-new dynamic one.

Larger Community

Being an open-source language, PHP has this effect. There is a sizable and expanding community of developers using the language that is eager to help out newcomers and actively interested in solving the most recent issues that the web development industry is now experiencing. In addition, developers are obligated to provide very competitive pricing due to the language’s popularity and the consequent availability of developers.

Huge Standard Library

The size of a programming language’s standard library is what sets decent programming languages apart from outstanding ones. The language’s capacity to handle data is greatly facilitated and accelerated by libraries.

Website loading time is vital in retaining visitors since they only spend an average of 8 seconds on each homepage when they are browsing (during the early “research” stage of the purchase process). Regular expressions, URL parsing, HTTP fetching, and database drivers are just a handful of the many features that PHP offers. Although the library is illogical, the community supports it!

Exceptional Performance Delivery

In addition to accelerating execution, PHP also accelerates development. PHP uses the Apache web server and permits apps to use MySQL databases, operating on a traditional web stack. This enables developers to construct custom, all-in-one solutions for online presence.

One of the key elements that improve the functionality of any website is turnaround speed. Fast turnaround times are what PHP is known for. Experienced developers may provide incredibly quick response times at very affordable prices because of the extensive standard library, a wide selection of extensions, cross-platform capabilities, seamless connection with and modification of multiple CMS, and embed-ability. In addition, PHP-based websites have quicker data processing capabilities and are compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, UNIX, and so on.

Diverse Frameworks

PHP has a huge family of PHP frameworks, which enables it to produce output with incredibly quick turnaround times. Zend and Yii, two enterprise-level frameworks, Laravel and Symfony, two all-purpose frameworks, Phalcon and PHPixie, performance optimizers for quick application designs, and CodeIgniter, for more robust designs, are a few examples of these.



As was previously said in this article, PHP provides a lot of benefits for both individuals and businesses. It is also fairly popular, making it simple to locate developers that have experience working with PHP. Comparatively simpler and more flexible, its development is a process. Furthermore, it is quicker than the majority of other development languages, including Python.
So, if you require a custom-built website, PHP is the right choice. In case you need any professional support, feel free to connect with Genesis Web Technology.

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Responsive Web Design | Advantages and Drawbacks

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is becoming a popular option for companies to use when building their websites. There are several justifications for this, but one of the strongest is that RWD provides a number of advantages that other design approaches cannot match. There are three most significant benefits of RWD that needs to understand by anyone.

Benefits of RWD

More involvement and reach

The ability for businesses to reach a larger audience is one of the responsive web design service’s main benefits. This is so that RWD websites, which are accessible on all devices—including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers—can be used by anybody. As a result, your target audience will always be able to read and interact with your website, regardless of where they are.

An enhanced user experience

RWD’s has additional advantages that it enhance the enhance the user experience. This is so that they work well on any device and are user-friendly across all RWD websites. In addition to lowering bounce rates, this can increase user’s satisfaction levels.

An improved search engine ranking

RWD may also make it easier for search engines to locate your website, which is a last benefit. This is due to the fact that search engines now give websites that perform effectively on mobile devices a higher ranking. So if you utilize RWD, you can be confident that individuals who are seeking for goods or services similar to yours are more likely to find your website.

Businesses may profit greatly from implementing responsive web design overall. Utilizing these advantages can help your website reach a wider audience, provide users with a better user experience, and rank higher in search results. For more information on how RWD may benefit your organization, contact a web design company right away.

Responsive Web Design for a Website

RWD is an approach of designing that will be used in making of website helping the users to read and navigate easily. The layout of a website varies with RWD depending on the device being used to see it. This is accomplished with CSS3 media queries, adaptable images, and fluid, proportion-based grids.

  • Increased Mobile Traffic

The RWD is responsible for businesses to profit from the rising usage of mobile internet. Utilizing mobile devices to access the internet is becoming more and more popular, and this trend is only expected to grow.

Businesses may guarantee that their website is accessible to this expanding population by embracing RWD when designing their websites. Businesses that depend on web traffic for sales and conversions should pay particular attention to this since failing to accommodate mobile users might result in a sizable loss of potential clients.

  • Improved SEO Rankings

RWD also has the potential to boost a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranks. This is due to the fact that Google and other large search engines now take a website’s mobile friendliness into account when calculating its ranking. Therefore, if website is not responsively developed, it may suffer in the SEO race.

  • Reduced Development Costs

Last but not least, responsive web design may assist in lowering the cost of developing a custom WordPress website. This is because, as opposed to needing to create many websites for different types of devices, a single responsive website can be utilized to deliver an excellent viewing experience across all platforms. This may result in considerable time and financial savings that can be applied elsewhere in the company.

Few Questions

What are the 3 basic things required for responsive web design?
An adaptable grid structure, adaptable pictures, and media queries are the three essential components of a responsive website. Your website can adjust to the size and resolution of the device it is being viewed on thanks to the cooperation of these three elements.

Does SEO suffer from responsive web design?
Although responsive web design services have no direct impact on SEO, they might still indirectly aid to raise a website’s ranks. This is due to Google’s recent change in how it ranks websites that are mobile-friendly. Therefore, if your website is not responsively developed, it may suffer in the SEO race. Additionally, responsive design may result in lower development expenses, which may then be put to use in other areas of the company, including SEO initiatives.

What drawbacks exist with responsive web design?
The use of responsive web design has a number of drawbacks. The largest disadvantage is maybe that it might cost more and take longer to produce than conventional website design. Additionally, responsive websites can have less visual appeal and slower loading times than those created expressly for mobile devices. Last but not least, not all organizations are suitable to a responsive design; those with extremely complex or specialized websites may discover that the expenses of RWD exceed the benefits.


Due to its numerous advantages over other design strategies that other firms cannot match, responsive web design is becoming a more and more popular choice for companies. In this post, we looked at three of the main advantages that RWD may provide organizations. These advantages include higher search engine rankings, increased consumer happiness, and enhanced website usability. Responsive web design can be the answer you’ve been seeking for if you want to enhance your website and draw in more visitors.

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Top Reasons Your STARTUP needs a Website

Website for startup companies is the most important and should be done before the business starts. This is the era of mobile apps, and entrepreneurs seem to have doubts about the power of websites. They thought that website is superfluous and they don’t need one. Any startup has to focus on drawing more clients to it to establish a solid customer base. Startups must realize that when people hear the name of a business, they will look for it online first, not in app stores. You are sacrificing a fantastic marketing opportunity by deciding not to develop a website. Lack of an online presence or simply a website with bad design might make the difference between a small company surviving and floundering.

Contact right now to one of the best website development companies and put your startup online to let people know about your presence.

Importance of Having a Website

What does everyone do right away when they come to a business? They look it up on their computer or smartphone, right? So, it is undoubtedly true that they visit the website if they wanted to learn more about your company.

A startup must become well-known and be simple for clients to contact. Websites are an affordable way to connect with people. Your potential users may contact you 24/7 from anywhere in the world if you have a great website.


Informing and Showcasing Business: Everyone is aware that people are using the internet just for information gathering and showcasing information. Users should have easy access to information about your company’s mission, core beliefs, and past work portfolio that will help them to make quick decisions. You can create a website that will make it simple and quick for customers to learn about your business by using the correct website development.

Access to Online Market

About 2.14 billion consumers are anticipated to make an online transaction in 2022. It represents around 25% of the world’s population. The number is anticipated to increase further as smartphone and internet usage increase. You must get online and create a top-notch website if you want to reach this enormous worldwide market of consumers. If you want professional support, you can think about hiring web developers.

The globe has experienced a transformation in retail thanks to e-commerce. Customers have been greatly attracted by the prospect of ordering their favorite goods from the convenience of their homes. People are using the internet to order goods in huge numbers, whether they are pricey devices or basic groceries. A website is accessible round-the-clock, which means that clients may get in touch with you whenever they want. This is in contrast to your physical store, which has restrictions on the number of hours it can be open. They learn more about your goods, send an email to customer support with any questions, and even place orders whenever it’s convenient for them.

The website will thus be a source of income for your new company in addition to acting as a point of contact. A user-friendly website will be created by the best e-commerce development service providers to aid startups in achieving their commercial objectives. If you are a startup and offer a good or service that can be purchased online, a website is a must. If your company doesn’t have a website, your competitors will take the market since they will have the desired internet presence. You may create a website that gives your new business the visibility it needs by using the services of a competent web development firm.

Geographical limitations are vanishing every day in the online world, and entrepreneurs may now sell their goods anywhere in the globe from the comfort of their workplaces. The whole global market is yours to conquer with the power of e-commerce. However, even conquerors required effective weapons, so a carefully constructed website will prove to be the ideal tool for your victory.

Improved focus on Branding

This is the digital age and it is much more important for you as a startup to concentrate on branding. If you don’t, there are just too many online competitors that are doing the same thing, which might create an obstacle to the growth of your startup. Your website serves as a platform for connecting with your target market through your company. A website may provide immeasurable value to your brand.

Consider this scenario: You are a startup, nobody knows you, and a web search for you returns nothing. What would search engines like Google does? It will inform the user about your rivals, or those that operate websites and provide services or goods that are similar to those you provide. Are you willing to risk losing clients online by not having a website? Google isn’t, end of the story.

What could be worse in branding if the website is not online? Don’t forget that a consumer will usually interact with your brand for the first time through your website. It represents who you are, thus there is no harm in spending the time to design and develop a meaningful website because a shoddy website can impair your startup’s prospects of building a strong brand in the eyes of your customers.

Utilizing professional web development services will help you strengthen your brand.

Save Costs through Digital Marketing

Did you know any startup company just soared to fame without making much effort to promote itself?
Can’t remember? Because they are so uncommon, this is the case. Promotional efforts are like a fuel to startup. How would you attract consumers if no one knows about your great new startup? Traditional marketing methods including billboard, radio, television, and print advertising are costly and need a sizable budget. As it is more affordable than traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing might show to be a successful answer for a business.

Additionally, it is one-of-a-kind marketing that enables two-way dialogue between a business and its customers. Customers may communicate with the brand through its social media accounts, share their expectations, and evaluate and review its goods. A startup may target demographics based on a doctor like age, gender, hobbies, and region by using an effective marketing plan. For your startups, this characteristic of digital marketing increases the effectiveness of campaigns.

How often has a specific piece of news been provided to you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before it was published by other news mediums like newspapers and media channels? Digital marketing can spread quickly and reach a larger audience than traditional techniques. A startup may better take advantage of marketing’s advantages and draw in its target market from all over the world by using expert website development services.

Generate Trust and Build a Reputation

Do you understand what separates successful startups from failure? It is because the successful startup will always ask the right questions whereas the unsuccessful/failed one looks out for the correct answers.
The right question to ask in this digital era would be like, “How would my users find me?”. Each of us has experienced a situation where we were stuck on a brand either reading a blog or social media posts. After finding such a brand we then used to look out into Google or another search engine. And the sad part is that brand has no website. This impression will somehow play a role in the failure of startups.

Nobody believes in a company without a website. Consider the scenario in which, as a startup, your child would pass away before its time if you weren’t present online. As a startup, you must have a strong online presence, beginning with a website. Additionally, you may get assistance from a web development business like Genesis in creating a top-notch website for your startup.

Deliver excellent Customer Service

There is a huge advantage to having a website as this enables a company to offer customer service to its customers. Human resources can be used as Online Customer Care Executives or chatbots to solve your customer’s concerns. The new-age clients don’t have time to wait on hold for a customer service representative to pick up the phone. A website enables a company to offer customer service to its customers, which is a huge advantage. Your website will serve as a central hub where clients may go to gather information and receive a tailored digital customer experience. As a result, investing in web development will help you significantly increase client satisfaction.

Your Competitors Will Have Websites

Since the world is increasingly becoming digital, it would be foolish for startups to choose to play an analog role in it by forgoing the development of a website. Even if you want to go analog, your rivals will have websites and will capitalize on digitalization.

If you don’t have a website for your startup, even if your competitor’s website is clumsy and poorly designed, they will always be one step ahead of you. Therefore, choose a capable web development company and get things started!



A startup company depends heavily on its website. In addition to helping, you draw in new clients, websites also enable you to display your startup business attractively. A website will help your brand become more well-known, and if you have one, you may decide how to present your services/products.

A physically located business may be limited by local/national borders, but a website is not. You must integrate social media accounts into your website while developing by which you may expand the reach of your business through your website.

If you create a website using best practices, including SEO with some other methods of digital marketing, your startup will boost up quickly.

Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development Projects

A Quick Summary : In today’s digitally driven world, outsourcing web development is becoming more popular. Having an internet presence is required no matter what kind of industry it is. Because people want to know what a company does, how it may improve their lives, and why they should buy its goods or services, websites are essential. Due to this, operating without a website result in lost chances for marketing, income, and consumers. Therefore, if you’re building a website, a key choice is whether to engage an internal web development team or outsource the work to an outside firm. We’d advise outsourcing.

Websites are a major source of new business for businesses. Furthermore, they aim to talk about what they do by maintaining an internet presence. A future without digital platforms for businesses to use is difficult to envision. Customers who are going to spend time, money, and effort on a business first Google “about the business.” In conclusion, learning about web development is a good idea. But how to build a website is the real question. A company has two alternatives for website creation. The first step is to outsource to a web development firm. Second, assemble a staff of internal web developers. It’s challenging for a business owner to select one of the two possibilities. Most companies now choose to outsource their expertise.

Web Development

Web Development is the design, implementation, and management of websites. Website development also covers database administration and web programming. The term “web” in web development refers to a web page or a full website on the internet. The core tools for creating a website are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Development Outsourcing

Web Development Outsourcing is engaging a web development business or third party to create the website since they have a skilled web development team. In a nutshell, the outsourced firm is your partner and an expert in handling web development tasks.

A business owner may wish to outsource web development for several reasons. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Website Development Company


There are numerous advantages of outsourcing web development including lowering operating expenses and the time it takes to develop new products and introduce them to the market. When compared to hiring outsourced developers or creating an internal team, many business owners commend the benefits of outsourcing website development.

    • You save money

Web Development Outsourcing Company can help you save money by hiring an internal web development team. Save your money, in essence. First off, you won’t have to pay for the talent’s first acquisition. An Small-Medium Business (SMB) may find it difficult to handle the upfront money for hiring and retaining an in-house team. Outsourcing a web development firm might assist you to get the task done at a fraction of the cost of employing and maintaining an in-house staff. To discover a web development team that is affordable, outsourcing is recommended.

    • Skilled and unique talents

Another benefit of outsourcing web development companies is having access to a large skill pool. When you outsource to a web development business, you have access to resources that benefit your project.

The team of highly skilled specialists will already consist of:
-Quality Assurance Engineer
-Software Architect
-Business Analyst
-Project Manager
-Frontend Developers
-Backend Developers
-Web Designer

So, there is no need to spend time and money employing developers full-time.

    • Access to high scalability and flexibility

A Web Development Outsourcing Company recruits people for a variety of positions, including web designers, QA, frontend developers, backend developers, and UI/UX developers. Every employee they bring on board has a wealth of professional experience and expertise. When the timing is right, these experts bring excellent abilities to the table. Additionally, they keep up with emerging technology, industry trends, and other issues. This implies that the success of your endeavor is certain. They already have expertise in using the newest development technology stack to build cutting-edge websites and resolve web development-related problems.

    • It is a time-saving solution

Your time is always limited while creating a website. You thus need professionals who can meet deadlines and follow a schedule. In-house teams may struggle to manage deadline monitoring and make mistakes that take a long time to fix. Keep in mind that no company can afford to squander time attempting to fix mistakes or prevent disasters in today’s fast-paced technological environment. So, for agile development, it is important to work with qualified experts. Our recommendation is to hire a web development company that will help you outsource so you can save time, complete the project on time, and show a flawless website!

    • Proffer improved site security

You may decrease site security difficulties and lower risks with the aid of a seasoned, full-service web development business. Security on your website is crucial for both you and your consumers. Therefore, you require someone reliable to work on maintaining the data’s security.

If your website is hacked or suffers a data breach, it might be expensive for you. It might be surprising, but you indeed need an efficient team that can:
-Communicate guidelines properly
-Manage the project with higher standards
-Is capable of mitigating the risks
-Shares web development updates with you regularly
-Has an on-point project planning

    • Receive business support

The company you hire to outsource your web development should be willing to make a long-term commitment. The team, responsible for developing the website for the company covers all technical aspects of the project in addition to the overall project objectives.
Moreover, a committed outsourced web development team can become a helping hand for:
-Market research
-Competitor analysis
-Project concept preparation

Disadvantages of hiring an in-house web development team

Increased costs: It costs money to employ an internal web development team. Taxes, Rent, License Costs, and other expenses are also included in the total cost of recruiting the crew in addition to the six-figure wages paid each month.

Employee turnover: Because web developers frequently switch jobs for better salaries and working circumstances, you can have trouble keeping your workforce. The process of hiring new developers takes time and effort.

Local talent shortage: This is the most common and frequently found problem. Furthermore, there may be difficulties with the money or necessary soft skills even if you find someone qualified for the position.

Myths about Outsourcing Web Development

Offshore web developers are known for finishing projects quickly and performing their work excellently. The market does, however, also spread false notions about outsourced employment.

Now, let’s crack some misconceptions about web development outsourcing services.

    • Lack of intercultural communication
      Outsourcing web developers may raise concerns about different cultures, poor communication, and perspectives. By working with a reputable and competent web development business, it may be avoided. Select a business that has completed projects for several clients in the past.
    • Language barrier
      The language barrier occurs when you hire web developers from outside who speak entirely different languages. However, if you hire an IT business that communicates in a worldwide language like English, it shouldn’t be an issue.
    • They can leak your private information
      It is completely untrue. Any professionals with extensive experience in the field and connections to diverse clientele will never engage do fraud. Their reputation is a worry to them. To be secure, sign an NDA and other privacy agreements that can protect your secrecy if you want to be on the safe side.


Process for Outsourcing Web Development Projects with Genesis Web Technology

Connect with a concerned team member of our company: Get in touch with our concerned team to begin outsourcing your web development project to Genesis. This interaction will aid in your understanding of each phase. To ensure that the team can assist you with a successful outsourcing procedure, you must first discuss your requirements with them.

Sign NDA: Signing an NDA assures that the details of your project are safe with us and helps to maintain transparency throughout the web development outsourcing process.

Selecting a team: You now have the freedom to pick your team by interviewing each potential team member. Undoubtedly, we have a pool of engineers with experience in different web development technologies and industry verticals, and we can assist you in assembling a strong and committed team to work on the outsourced project. However, you have the freedom to select the team member who will be responsible for your project.

Select engagement models: The next crucial step is to select the engagement models that best suit your needs. We provide a variety of customizable engagement methods. For instance, you may select price structures or engagement models based on your project and level of flexibility. You can talk with us if you’re unsure, and we’ll assist you to choose the best pricing models.

Work begins: Yes, the procedure is complete, and now you can turn your attention to your primary business goal while the committed staff at Genesis works on your project.

Why is Genesis a Good Web Development Partner for Outsourcing?

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What You Need to Know About Google SEO Updates for 2022?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role as every day, Google handles 5.6 billion queries. When people start buying online, the majority of them turn to Google, but websites obtaining traffic from the searches is less than 10%. This implies that your company’s success might depend on where you rank in Google’s search results. As Google modifies its algorithms, the foundations alter year over year. Google makes an effort to give useful, a dependable material top priority. They take into account the user’s location as well as data like page speed, pictures, and video.

SEO simply is the science and art of getting a website to rank higher in search results. The foundations alter annually as Google makes adjustments to its algorithms. While prioritizing content, Google makes an effort to give relevant, helpful, and high-quality content. However, Google’s priority depends on the details like graphics used, video content, user’s location, and page speed.

In 2022, Google is implementing several major improvements to search. Below listed are some of the important ones that needs to be considered during implementing SEO:

  • Improved tracking of page experience

Although a web page’s content is what counts most for ranking, how the website is used also matters. Nobody wants to visit a website that is excessively sluggish, risky, and overrun with advertisements. Google now places a high priority on-page experience. The page experience has some factors: HTTPS usage, mobile usability, speed, ad issues, and security issues.

This update’s goal is to prioritize sites that users can read easily, regardless of their content. Although content is still crucial, you must also ensure that your website is secure and well-organized as a whole. Make sure to maximize page speed as much as possible.

With the help of their Search Console, Google allows you to go into your own page’s experience report. There’s no room for speculation! With the help of this tool, you may precisely determine how well your pages are doing and determine how to improve them.



  • Reducing link spamming’s efficacy

Almost as many blue words as black may be found when you open any blog post on the internet. Over the past several years, and not necessarily for the best reasons, the average blog post’s hyperlink count has increased.
Google is actively pursuing this approach. They discussed how they are taking action against link spam in a recent blog post. What is their advice? Assemble outbound link according to recommended procedures. For example, rel=”sponsored” should be included in links that are used in marketing campaigns to affiliate websites.


  • Giving more priority to relative contents

Google must filter the relevant and irrelevant content as there are often millions of websites competing for the top place for a single keyword. As this problem existed from the very beginning, Google is still trying to figure out the solution. Search engine ranking points will be deducted from pages with deceptive titles or unrelated content.

Just don’t try to trick people if you want to keep your information current. Don’t over-saturate your website with useless data, pointless keywords, and click-bait headlines devoid of meaningful content. Produce top-notch, targeted content instead. Instead of considering what you believe Google’s algorithms would appreciate, consider what readers would like reading.


  • Taking action against keyword spam

For years, using excessive amounts of keywords has been considered unethical in SEO. Previously, this may have referred to a wall of pointless writing. Google must stay up with the more cunning keyword spammers of today.

Your content can be marked as spam if you use the same word repeatedly and without cause. When discussing your topic, it is a good idea to employ a larger vocabulary. Google wants to find excellent content that is pertinent to the search term. They will choose material based on synonyms and other words with comparable meanings to do this. If you are still discussing the same subject, including a keyword may not even be essential to rank for it.

So, the question remains here, “What ought you to do?”.

The answer is simple, “Simply write contents normally. Use a term as often as it feels natural when doing so. Don’t break the laws of grammar to include your keyword one more time. To avoid using the same words again, utilize synonyms”.


  • Considering images and videos as Ranking factor

Frequently, multimedia makes up high-quality content. Together with the text, it may also include photos and videos. Google is now able to use information from various media to assist rank even though the text will still predominate in the search algorithm.

Ensure your videos and photos are of the highest caliber and pertinent to your message to get the most out of them. To further ensure their relevancy to the page, you may even ensure that their title information indicates this.


  • Giving preference to local results

If possible, people frequently like to shop locally. A fast journey to a neighboring store is preferable to even Amazon Prime’s 2-day delivery. Because of this, Google favors search results that are relevant to the searcher’s location.

This factor is just so much you can optimize. If you are positioned somewhere, you cannot be located elsewhere. The best action you can do to improve your local rankings is to confirm that Google is aware of your location. To achieve this, confirm that your website contains up-to-date contact information along with your address.


  • The Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

Google launched MUM, or the Multitask Unified Model, last year. Generally, MUM is neural-network AI that attempts to comprehend your inquiry. MUM understands information in both text and picture formats, and it is expected to interpret video in future editions.

An earlier Google technology called BERT has been upgraded into MUM. Although MUM is said to have a potential 1,000 times more than BERT, BERT was also created to help individuals search more effectively. MUM can search for and translate content into 75 different languages. By doing this, Google can access more data to respond to your queries. By handling more complicated inquiries, MUM helps to streamline the search engine experience. MUM strives to find an informative response to your query rather than just looking for keywords.

Previously, users had to perform repeated searches to find relevant information. Assume you have ascended Mt. Fuji in Japan and want to see if you are capable of climbing Mt. Everest. MUM can see from your search query that you’re talking about two separate mountains, and how your experiences on each may differ. It may then search for information like legal requirements, training, required equipment, et cetera.

Some of the MUM’s specific features are:

    • Use of images and Google Lens for visual search
    • Translation of results from multiple language sources
    • Subtopics suggestions for search queries
    • “Things to know”, a section providing key info regarding your search results.
    • With no search keyword change, options will be available to broaden or refine the search.
    • Recognizing misspelled words
    • Recognizing key moments in videos

MUM will probably have a wide range of advantages, but given how recent the technology is, some testing could be necessary. MUM can handle queries that are both complex and specialized. Think about publishing articles that address every possible query a potential buyer could have. Additionally, adding relevant, high-quality photographs to your text may help.


  • Accenting E-A-T

Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are abbreviations for E-A-T. Accenting E-A-T is Google’s solution to the contemporary disinformation dilemma. Simply, it means you could benefit from those links that are linked to verified, expert, and trustworthy information whereas linking to false information and fake news will harm you. This might not be important to every sector but critical organizations like health and finance must consider this.

Linking to different kinds of sources like articles, journals, verified websites, government publications, et cetera could help to get more E-A-T.


In terms of SEO, Google always comes up with new ideas and solutions but making quality content and posting it to your website are still the cornerstones of effective SEO. Consider satisfying people rather than machines. But you do have some flexibility to add a few more points here and there thanks to Google’s recent improvements. Additionally, if you try to cheat, you have the chance to forfeit a few points.

For any SEO related services, Remember Genesis, we can help you out!


Do Rankings get Affected by Slow Website?

Everyone detests waiting. Not only may a slow website repel visitors, but slow website affect rankings too. With 86% of people choosing Google over Bing, Google has sets its position as most widely used search engine. So, you should take its algorithm into account while developing your SEO approach.

Speed plays a significant role in search engine rankings. A slow website is like a dull knife. Google has been quite clear that it prefers pages that load quickly. You lose out on conversions and revenue if your website loads slowly and visitors leave quickly. Quickly loading websites are more likely to make users satisfied, and Google rewards these pages with a better SERP position.

slow website loading at 80%

Website Speed & Google

Website speed is very important to Google. Websites having a Google PageSpeed Insights score of less than 90 are pushed well down in the search results. Pages that provide customers with a bad experience or make them wait for too long are not ranked by Google.

Slow Website & High Bounce Rates

The percentage of visitors that leave your website as soon as they arrive is a crucial statistic known as the bounce rate. Bouncing off your website indicates that visitors are unhappy with what they see or with how long it takes to discover what they’re searching for. These guys won’t provide any SEO advantages for you. To stand a chance of ranking highly, your bounce rate must be in the range between 26% and 40%. Over that threshold indicates a greater bounce rate, which indicates lost traffic. Google will find it difficult to rank your website if you’re losing visitors.

Performing a Speed Test

There are numerous free tools available online that you can use for speed tests. Some of the tools are:

Once the test is complete, you will see several graphs and data detailing your website speed. You should not expect a perfect score as this is very unlikely. Each tool will interpret these findings differently and offer suggestions for raising performance. Understanding the significance of these figures is crucial so that you can take appropriate action to boost conversion rates.

Below are some ways to boost your results:

  1. By fixing all the broken links
  2. By using Content delivery network (CDN)
  3. By shrinking images to less than 200KB
  4. By considering cloud hosting
  5. By caching web pages

As you know now that slow website is not good for SEO. They cause lower ranks and increased bounce rates. But fear not—we’ve been making websites faster for clients all across the world.

We, Genesis, have the expertise to create robust, busy websites that load incredibly quickly.

Why you should consider redesigning your website ?

Website Redesigning sounds like a heavy, expensive, and unnecessary task but it is the most important thing that needs concern eventually.

“An outdated website results in a negative impact on your business.”

Your website may be running smoothly and has been for several years. So, why should you consider website redesigning in first place. The question remains here, “Could it look or function better?”.

Let me ask you a simple question,

“Have you ever visited another company’s website and been completely stuck at what you saw there?”

Some websites are simply so wonderfully designed that you can’t help but be amazed and want to spend some time browsing and exploring them.

Before jumping to the reasons, let us know about the Benefits of website redesigning.

  1.  Branding Improved
    A new website will assist to establish your brand’s consistency. Your website will encourage trust and brand identification among customers with a modern design. Ultimately, such redesign may do wonders for your brand-building endeavors.
    If your website seems cheap and old, does not function properly, or delivers a poor user experience, it may put off potential clients. A website redesign helps maintain your business relevance and strengthens your brand image with a great impression.
  2. Better rankings in search engines
    A well-designed website also implies improved SEO. In reality, your website’s redesign should include search optimization from the coding to the final responsiveness. Finally, this will help you climb the SERPs, resulting in more organic visitors. Visitors will browse your site and check out more pages if your site structure is improved, with low bounce rate.
    Finally, a well-designed website may attract more backlinks. This will provide you a strong push for even better Google ranks and increased referral traffic.
  3. Improved flow of information
    The main goal of a website is to offer information that encourages visitors to take the required action. Whether it be by informing them about your business, and your founder’s background, or simply by providing them info about your products and services.
    Naturally, people expect to always have the information they need in front of them. Additionally, you need to have an effective information flow so that people thinks about your products and buy from you.
    When you redesign your website, you may try your best to organize and arrange your content so that people can naturally move from one page to the next and locate everything that matters.
  4. Increment in revenue and costs reduced
    A website redesign increases your income by enhancing brand consistency & rankings, and directing visitors to conversion events. Likewise, it also reduces your costs. After you complete a thorough redesign of your website, you get the chance to assess your CMS (Content Management System) and hosting. A brand-new website can also function considerably faster for all visitors using much less server space.
    Additionally, website redesigning is more economical than regularly fixing functionality problems and adding new features. It’s preferable to start over completely rather than adding a lot of band-aids to your current website. The most crucial benefit of all is that a website redesign will reduce the expense of missed chances and lost money brought on by your outdated, clumsy website.

The well-designed and perfectly developed site will create a vibe around and enable viewers to either access the service from the site or return in the coming days. The appearance and feel of your website will make a first impression on many of your prospective prospects.

We’ve developed a list of convincing Reasons why you should consider redesigning your website.

  1. Your website appears outdated or unreliable
    Whether you like it or not, almost 75% of consumers make their decision about the legitimacy of your company purely on the way your website is designed. So, redesigning your website will have a good information flow about your company, product/services, and motto. This will help in building a trustworthy environment.
  2. Your website’s foundation is weak
    If you’re spending more money on band-aid fixes on issues than on creating new tools for functionality and content, you probably have core flaws that will wind up costing you more in the long term than if you had just constructed a new website.

    1. Issue 1: Your website isn’t speed-optimized
      Did you know that 40% of users would leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. And, 47% of visitors expect a website to load in less than two seconds?. Google’s algorithm now takes website speed into account to favor those that load quickly.
    2. Issue 2: Your CMS Lacks SEO-Friendly Features
      Although, Google traffic is significant, it’s surprising that all CMS don’t allow their customers to optimize websites for search engines. If your website depends on Google traffic and your existing CMS is not SEO friendly, we advise breaking your connections with it and redesigning your website in a CMS with best-in-class SEO capabilities integrated into its functionality.
    3. Issue 3: You Don’t Have a Responsive Website
      Internet usage on mobile devices has increased dramatically. And since this tendency is expected to last into the future, a mobile platform is essential. No matter from what platform users access your website, it is responsive if it can handle them all. Google reports that 61% of consumers are unlikely to return to a website that doesn’t function properly on mobile. And, 40% consumers left the site and visits competitor’s website. You run a great risk of losing leads and consumers if your website isn’t responsive yet.
    4. Issue 4: Your Website Is Complicated to Use
      The usability of your website may have both good and bad effects on how it is managed, as well as on how it is received by users. The time it takes you to update your website and the money it costs to hire someone to update it adds up over time and can end up costing more than if you simply rebuilt it from the ground up.
    5. Issue 5: Adding Functionality Is Tough
      Your company should concentrate on well-designed functionality. Your attempts at generating leads and organic traffic can suffer if it isn’t. If your website is like the majority of others out there, you have integrated third-party widgets and tools like shopping cart widgets, email marketing forms, and landing page tools.
    6. Issue 6: Poor user experience on your website
      You’ve probably visited a website that, to put it mildly, frustrates you when you try to use it. This may seem obvious. By offering a great user experience, you ensure that the user has a positive overall experience from the moment they first visit your website until they convert.
      Two broad methodologies are involved in creating a great website experience:
      User interface (UI) Design –> If your visual representation is intuitive, consistent, and meets your user’s expectations across devices, you have a great user interface.
      Information Architecture (IA) Strategy –> By organizing your website in a way that meets user expectations, you have a great information architecture.
      Correcting these two issues might be the difference between a visitor staying on your website and converting and one who leaves in frustration and visits a competitor’s website.
  3. Rebranding your business
    Another strong and apparent reason to start considering a website redesign is a brand upgrade or rebranding of your business. You may have changed your logos, brand messages, content, product/services, and many more. So, for consistent appearance & feel and reflect any significant changes to your identity, it’s imperative to redesign your website.

You presumably already know that your website serves as the foundation of your company’s online presence and has a major influence on how people perceive your brand. Being consistent across all of your marketing platforms and consumer touchpoints can help you stand out from the competition. By doing this, you’ll be able to draw in more clients and win their loyalty and confidence.

If you feel your existing website doesn’t accurately represent your brand or if you want to modernize your brand then it’s time for your website to be redesigned.

  1. The website of your competitor makes you envious
    You don’t have to rebuild your website each time one of your competitors does. However, it’s crucial to remember that your company does not operate in a virtual vacuum. If the quality of your website is worse than that of your competitors, you are probably losing business to them.

Don’t be afraid to make improvements to your website, even if it means spending a lot of money. The results from such modifications will be fantastic. If you still aren’t receiving the outcomes you want from your website, even if it is pixel-perfect, practical, and stunning, it isn’t serving its intended purpose. To establish your brand, promote your company, and ultimately boost sales, you need a website. If your results are unsatisfactory, it’s time to consider a redesign. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If you need assistance with designing a professional website, redesigning it, or doing a whole overhaul, Genesis is here for you.