The Power of Next.js: Why It is great for Websites Development and Web Apps System?

Next.js Today’s technology, particularly for online apps, is all about Next.js, a robust React framework starting to make waves. Many recent developers are talking about how it may help them grow in their jobs. Next.js is a well-liked option for developers around the globe because of its smooth combination of performance, adaptability, and efficiency that […]

Maintaining the Security of a WordPress Website

Security of a WordPress Website WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS), powering 43.2% of all websites (according to recent statistics). It is true that WordPress is the popular one and there is a cost to this level of popularity. A wide range of fraudsters are drawn towards it and they eventually […]

Revealing the Most Loved Top Features of Website: Breakdown of a User-Friendly Website

Websites are crucial for establishing authority and boosting a company’s revenues. Make your website aesthetically beautiful and functional since it will affect visitors’ visits and activities. In this content, you will get an idea of the top features of website and we will break down the user-friendly website. Despite their differences, all websites share the […]

ReactJS App Development in 2023: a Success key to your Business

ReactJS has recently risen to the top of the list of front-end web development frameworks. Its success is primarily attributable to the numerous advantages it provides both programmers and companies alike. Due to its robust capabilities and capacity to construct dynamic UIs, Facebook’s open-source front-end library is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries […]

Top Web Design Trends, Standards, and Predictions for the year 2023

Web Design Trends, Standards, and Predictions for the year 2023 Web design trends evolve quickly like Technology. Design components and website features that were once cutting-edge and novel may now appear dated, overused, and clichéd. Any person wouldn’t want to lose conversion as visitors visits their website. And, just because their site appears obsolete or […]

Why should you use Laravel Framework for Web Development, and What is it?

Laravel Framework for Web Development PHP is a well-known name in web development technology. Nearly 77.6% of websites employ this server-side scripting language. This demonstrates PHP’s undisputed superiority in web development. It provides several frameworks in addition to the many advantages. But when it comes to the best, Laravel tops the list. It has greatly […]

WordPress 6.1 Improvements could Quickly Improve Enterprise Sites

We’re thrilled to highlight some of the significant user and development changes in WordPress 6.1, which was launched earlier this month. Following the main release of 6.0, 6.1 includes many enhancements geared toward developers as well as a number of more minute adjustments. Given the popularity of WordPress, it’s fair to assume that the most […]

Website Development: Website is an Asset for any Businesses. How?

*- Are you trying to find some solid reasons why you should do website development for your company? ⇒ Excellent, you have exactly arrived where you should be. This article explains the significance of website development, as well as the many reasons why it’s important and how it may be the best asset for the […]

Why you should Optimize Images for the Web?

Optimize Images for the Web Optimizing a Website is directly related to optimizing images. Almost all websites have images as a necessary component, which improves the user experience for visitors. Modern fashion favors huge photos, yet photos with higher resolution are larger in file size, and this results in slower loading of web pages. Most […]

Which is better ? Flutter or Native App Development

Google announced the mobile UI framework in 2017, named “Flutter“. It is free and open-source and also gaining quick popularity for the creation of mobile apps. Apart from other benefits, Flutter benefits with the use of a single codebase where developers can create mobile apps for both iOS and Android simultaneously. There is no added […]

Startup Branding: Do You Actually Need It and How to Do it the Right Way?

Startup Branding Startup Branding is important but most startups don’t want to invest in branding in the initial phase rather they put it off for the time being. In essence, the importance of startup branding is on par with that of established corporations, if not even more so. In this article, we’ll discuss the value […]

How to work with an outsourcing company?

Outsourcing Services generally means giving certain tasks to an external organization at a given fee and for a defined amount of time. It is also a highly popular business practice. In reality, outsourcing for development is typically a procedure where particular tasks are given to skilled professionals to be completed faster, better, and less expensively. […]

Reasons for being PHP popular among Web Developers

PHP in website design and development is one of the hot topic, and also mostly preferred and used for developing websites as this language is one of the most esteemed and well-liked server-side programming languages. This has gained popularity among website developers due to its quick turnaround times, low cost, and improved security. The top […]

Responsive Web Design | Advantages and Drawbacks

Responsive Web Design Responsive web design (RWD) is becoming a popular option for companies to use when building their websites. There are several justifications for this, but one of the strongest is that RWD provides a number of advantages that other design approaches cannot match. There are three most significant benefits of RWD that needs […]

Top Reasons Your STARTUP needs a Website

Website for startup companies is the most important and should be done before the business starts. This is the era of mobile apps, and entrepreneurs seem to have doubts about the power of websites. They thought that website is superfluous and they don’t need one. Any startup has to focus on drawing more clients to […]

Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development Projects

A Quick Summary : In today’s digitally driven world, outsourcing web development is becoming more popular. Having an internet presence is required no matter what kind of industry it is. Because people want to know what a company does, how it may improve their lives, and why they should buy its goods or services, websites […]

What You Need to Know About Google SEO Updates for 2022?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role as every day, Google handles 5.6 billion queries. When people start buying online, the majority of them turn to Google, but websites obtaining traffic from the searches is less than 10%. This implies that your company’s success might depend on where you rank in Google’s search results. […]

Do Rankings get Affected by Slow Website?

Everyone detests waiting. Not only may a slow website repel visitors, but a slow website affects rankings too. With 86% of people choosing Google over Bing, Google has set its position as the most widely used search engine. So, you should take its algorithm into account while developing your SEO approach. Speed plays a significant […]

Why you should consider redesigning your website ?

Website Redesigning sounds like a heavy, expensive, and unnecessary task but it is the most important thing that needs concern eventually. “An outdated website results in a negative impact on your business.” Your website may be running smoothly and has been for several years. So, why should you consider website redesigning in first place. The question […]

How to convert PSD to HTML ?

What is PSD to HTML? PSD stands for Photoshop document and the process of converting this file to an HTML document is known as PSD to HTML conversion. In Layman’s terms, graphic designers will use a tool like photoshop to create their designs and when the layout of the website is finalized, the development team […]

What is Cloud Computing? Some benefits of Cloud Computing

If you want to learn about basic cloud computing and some benefits of cloud computing. Then this blog post will help you to know about some basic cloud computing and its benefits. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud is generally used to describe servers, about the large cloud, data center which is available to many users […]

What is WordPress? Some Benefits of using the WordPress Platform

If you are looking for developing your website or blog posts in WordPress. You must know what actually is WordPress. If you are a beginner then this blog post will help you to know about WordPress What is WordPress? Table of Contents What is WordPress? What is Content Management System? What are Blog posts? What […]

What Is SEO? A Simple Guide to Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking for promoting your website or interested in digital marketing, you must know what actually is SEO. If you are beginner then this SEO in Nepal guide will help you to know about digital marketing in detail. What is SEO? “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s process of getting your business […]

Local Business Directory Sites in Nepal

Are you done with the establishment of your Startup Company or have the existing company then it’s time to go for digital marketing. There are different methods for online or digital marketing to make your business website visible in search engines. But, for the trustworthy of your business, listing in local business directory might be […]

SEO in Nepal

The world has rapidly shifted towards a more online way of doing things – Digital Marketing. Being said that, there are a lot of websites and online resources we use on a daily basis. With the huge plethora of content present in the market of today, particular search engines help us navigate through the varied […]

Digital Marketing in Nepal

As the world is completely in the technological era, undoubtedly the way of doing things has moved on to a digital platform. Keeping up with this trend, Nepal is also shifting its way towards a more digital approach in everyday life. Being said that, digital marketing is gaining major traction among businesses in the present-day […]

Visit Nepal 2020 – How Digital Media Help?

What is Visit Nepal 2020? Nepal Government, tourism associations and organizations are planning 2020 as the Visit year aiming to welcome at least 2 million tourists. Visit Nepal 2020 is the common mission/campaign of Nepal to boost the Nepal tourism after the earthquake in 2015. Government has a history of successful campaign of Visit Nepal […]

Public Holidays in Nepal 2076 BS

Are you looking for public holidays in Nepal, here we are listing the national calendar of all the Government holidays lists in Nepali and english dates. These days can be modified as the government official announcement during the year. You may check this page regularly for the updates. There are 15 days of public holiday […]

Teej Festival in Nepal

What is Teej? Teej in Nepal is the largest festival celebrated by Nepali Hindu womens. The festival has a great significance in the Nepalese culture and tradition that has been carried out since long years. Haritalika Teej festival has a great history since the ancient time when Goddess parbati wish to have her husband God […]

Asar 15 National Paddy Day

Monsoon in Nepal Monsoon in Nepal generally starts from the June to first half month of September ie from Asar to Bhadra. The rain freshens the atmosphere, washes the dirt and dust. The weather is calming and soothing. Monsoon in Nepal starts from Asar 15 onwards with the light rainfall. Nepal is the country where […]

Mata Tirtha Aunsi – Nepali Mothers day in Nepal

Mothers day in Nepal also known as Mata Tirtha Aunsi (मातातीर्थ औंसी) or “Aamako Mukh Herne Din” (आमाको मुख हेर्ने दिन) falls on new moon day of Baisakh (first month of Nepali calendar). It is the day to honor and how love to one’s mother. Those who do not have mother’s go nearby ponds, pilgrimage […]